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Thursday, May 12, 2011

115 - some interesting test results just to keep all updated

Dear Reader,

I'm simply transposing some posts across from that I can keep record here. They show some encouraging results. I'll post them across and then explain the significance of all this.

Kindest regards,
Herewith the relevant.

Ok guys. I really need to move on. What I've done is this. I can't take a photo of the set up as it is at the moment because my other computer has been rifled and doctored with a virus. And that holds my photobucket software. But what I have done is a whole lot of tests to see if I can explain this. NOTA BENE ALL. The ground of the signal generator is MOST CERTAINLY at the point marked B on the video. In other words it's BEFORE THE CSR. And by the way - it makes not an ounce of difference if it's there or if it's positioned as shown in our DEMO diagram. So. Right now the CSR is precisely in series with and on the same rail as the negative terminal of the battery supply which then conforms to my circuit variation of 'a poynted revision' shown earlier.

Then. I took the tests through an extreme range of duty cycle tests - most on - most off. This shows the advantage of the oscillation as it relates to the temperature rise. THEN I did a whole lot more tests to show the subtleties of the off set. I took the temperature to 240 degrees and climbing. But I started melting the plastic container - so I filled it with water. It took the water temperature to plus/minus 80 degrees and climbing. I think I'm dissipating upwards of 120 watts - but will only confirm this in the morning. The test has been running for the last 4 hours. And right now - on the highest frequency setting I'm FINALLY seeing evidence of battery voltage actually climbing. So is the water temperature rising - and I'm not sure how much longer I can sit up. I'm exhausted and there's nothing interesting on television to ease the boredom.

The point is this. There is absolutely no difference in where we position the ground of the functions generator. With the exception of a short 5 minutes where the offset started rising (it gets a mind of its own) there have been absolutely NO VALUES of the cycle mean - the mean - or the math trace showing anything other than a negative value. And that's notwithstanding the clear evidence of dissipation of wattage in excess of 100 watts. And I am FINALLY seeing a stable 'kick off' voltage over the batteries. It needs a high frequency.

I'll do the downloads in the morning and walk you through the different settings as they relate to the temperature rise.

PLEASE DO NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION TO POYNTY's ENDLESS INNUENDOS AND HINTS AND INTERRUPTIONS. He is talking a whole lot of nonsense. When I've done those downloads - I will then walk you through my own take on what is happening. You can take it on board - or not - as required. And Peter and Ron - as ever. Thanks for the interventions. It gets rather lonely in this corner of mine. And I missed your post there woopy. Thank you. It's always heartening and frankly, was much needed.

I'm reasonably sure that there will be those readers here who will be delighted at this. And by the same token there will be those who are not. lol.

Kindest regards,

Just checked. Water showing some really small bubbles. We're at sea level but the temperature reading is now 104 degrees c. Shouldn't it be boiling at this level? Anyway - the voltage on the batteries now at 60 from an early 59.7. I really need to turn it off. I'll do the screen shot downloads first thing tomorrow. I'm also not sure how much water in that container. I think it's about a litre. I'll check this tomorrow as well.

edited. Added comments and corrected the spelling - I hope.