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Thursday, May 12, 2011

119 - about suppression of information and some means to resist this

And dear Reader, may I also take this opportunity to advise you about some real concerns of mine.

RomeroUK stated publicly that his apparatus was a hoax. However, he also intimated that he was obliged to do this as his life and safety were under threat. One can only speculate. We - unlike him - have never had any physical threats, albeit there has been an orchestrated attack on this technology - intended to discredit both this and my and my good name. I know that the most of you reading here are satisfied that we are NOT misrepresenting anything. But. In as much as there are still many who doubt these numbers and these facts, then that campaign has been successful. It would be wonderful if you could, perhaps, try and spread this good news. I would be very sorry to find that such breakthroughs simply disappear from the pages of history for want of attention.

And I need to remind you all. This is NOT a discovery. Rather more of an 'unfolding' of the properties that I suspect may belong to 'dark energy'. What a misnomer. The energy itself may be dark. But it promises to give so much hope and so much light. And what is more, this is simply a modest application. There will be much more to follow from those who are considerably more skilled in the art.

But do tell your friends. And then, hopefully, the news will spread. While we can't yet manage any traditional interest from our media - I think a 'ground swell' of interest may yet get the news out there.

Kindest regards,