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Thursday, May 12, 2011

118 - this was the final step to take it to boil - STILL NO MEASURABLE ENERGY FROM THE SUPPLY SOURCE - A SOLUTION TO POLLUTION

And then, dear Reader, this was the conclusion to those tests. I trust that all this news will go some way to brightening your day - and, God willing, all our futures. I'm rather old - so my own is prescribed. But I have grandchildren and this is all for them as much as for all of you. There is indeed a solution to our problems. The indications are that we can manage our rather pressing energy needs with the quintessentially cleanest of clean green energy. The problem is that our learned and revered will have to revise an awful lot of conceptual understanding related to the electric energy transfer. And when they do - then that will be a very good thing. I just can't stop smiling.

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Then Guys - and in conclusion - in the space of a few short minutes - with an increased frequency - it then took the temperature to boiling point - I think. It wasn't actually boiling but it had small bubbles. And the temperature recorded at 104 degrees C - or thereby, from memory. No noise, surprisingly - that one associates with a kettle at boiling point. Perhaps that's the lower wattage than our kettles put out.

Anyway here's that final screen shot. The battery voltage simply rose to 62 Volts (sorry I wrote degrees) and then stabilised at that value. I didn't get that final screen shot - but that was the voltage I posted before I went to bed last night.

NOTE that at these higher frequencies the level of oscillation across the batteries and the CSR increase.

Also. I unfortunately did NOT take a screen shot at the conclusion of that test before I increased the frequency. Because it barely took 10 minutes to raise the temperature of the water from plus/minus 80 degrees C to that 104 degrees C. And the battery voltage was absolutely stable at 62 something. I should have made another screen shot.

AND MAY I ADD, lest anyone miss the significance here - this may be the first time in recorded history that water was taken to boiling point at an evident ZERO cost of energy from a supply source. That's got to give pause for thought.