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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

166 - chauvinism capping those ivory towers

Dear Reader,

The reason that our academics - feel free to ignore or dismiss our claims is that it is, unfortunately associated with my name. And my identity is unquestionably 'female'. That's the real reason that they refuse to entertain these results. They're chauvinists. How sad is that? They'll assess any controversial claim - any equipment - any test apparatus - by anyone in the world - provided only that they are NOT female.

That - in the final analysis - is what I think is going on. Else how does one explain how Steorn and indeed ANYONE can get academic assessment - and I cannot. It's the only explanation that will wash.

And I might add that publication is denied on the same basis. Here it is again. When the benchmark is moved - then it needs wide accreditation. That can only be managed through academic publication. This to ensure that anyone with vested interests to deny the experimental results - or anyone without the competence to replicate the experimental results - are filtered out by those who can, indeed, find that new benchmark trace. And to get there you need a wide experimentation. That's the whole point of academic publication precisely because it does encourage that invetigation. It's worrisome that - for some reason - there are way too many individuals who comment with all kinds of assumed and pretended authority - without actually attending a demonstration or replicating that physical apparatus and reporting on their findings. The best that's been managed - to the best of my knowledge - is Poynty Point and his heavily fudged simulation results that - notwithstanding - show that waveform oscillation that theoretically and in terms of the standard model - SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE. Golly.

Kindest regards,